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The only constant thing in our time is change: we accompany organizations and individuals through processes of transformation. We see our clients, the individuals with whom we cooperate, as the true experts of their situation. We do not provide ready made concepts - we ask the pertinent questions and thereby help to find solutions. We are companions on the way to change. consulting GmbH is a young consulting agency with a creative, interdisciplinary and professional approach. Our corporate philosophy is based on the conviction that networking, cooperation and transfer of knowledge are the paradigms of our common success. We work with the people in the enterprises for their enterprises.

Fit organizations are depending on their fit employees and visa versa.

We are aware of the contradiction of both globalization and individualization, the complexity and decrease of systems; yet, we benefit together with our partners of the energy originating from these areas of conflict.
We live this conflict at the individual by fostering awareness for greater coherences, and at organizations by creating structures, which take the needs of the individuals into consideration.

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